Jasper Da Seymour

Our oversaturated digital world has left us desensitised to truer forms of expression. Nearly everything we see on a daily basis through our numerous screens has been altered, filtered or manipulated in some form before it reaches us, leaving the lines completely blurred between reality and what has been twisted and placed before us. When it becomes a chore to bend your mind around comprehension, we subconsciously bracket, it becomes too hard.

Self-justification behind reasoning isn’t true justification, merely a veneer for our own insecurities.

“He has a really good camera”

“He has all the right gear”

“Your camera takes really good photos”

Take your time, open your mind, broaden your perceptions, unlock your awareness. You create your own boundaries through perceived restrictions on your reality. Challenge yourself, whatever passion drives you, follow it and never stop. Your potential is driven by your desire, so let it burn bright and live your potential.