John Hodgman (Wilfred John Hodgman)

My work involves the enjoyment of applying paint to create impressions or allusions that are neither realistic or abstract. I like experimenting with techniques and generally use oil paint and a pallet knife. I avoid realism and try to eliminate superfluous detail.

I am influenced by the environment and the atmosphere of changing light, form, colour and texture. And I seek to convey an interpretation of the Tasmanian spirit.

As a yachtsman, I have an interest in the nature of water, as a bushwalker, I have an interest in the atmosphere of the forest, as an architect I am interested in the conflict between the built and natural environments.

As our Gallery Manager for the last 3 years, Lydea has developed closed relationships with our artists, art collectors, and supporters. Since she is stepping down from her role as Manager (but not leaving completely!), she has curated this group exhibition of works from the BRAVE stockroom as though it were her own loungeroom. Have a seat by the fireplace and enjoy the art!